Artist: Erasure
Track: Always

#97 [IMAGE] Santa Clause in line at the post office with a SACK FULL OF TOYS. Must be at least 10 people in line with him.

By “Team Helsinki” Mirka & Sandra featuring Salli.
bleu-box: vicivefallen:

#They look like a gay couple waiting for their surrogate mother to crack
In Finland we have this thing called vitutus



i shipped so hard

and got so far

but in the end

it wasn’t even canon


Think about how hilarious that moment must’ve been when the Doctor left Nefertiti and Riddell and as soon as the TARDIS took off they couldn’t understand a word the other one said


Sooooo here’s my Legolas cosplay…
Cosplayer / Photographer
Legolas © J.R.R. Tolkien