why thank you (!) let’s hang out tomorrow kk? OuO
Nezumi (x) and Shion (x)  at Desucon Frostbite 2014, Finland Pictures by Noora (x)
sandorizu sent: okay no srsly, inuyasha header (!!!!!) , when are you booking the venue?







Lawl!! I’d like a Fall wedding!


All the food will be blue. And the flowers. And the dresses. And the people. Every shade of blue!

Let’s just have this wedding underwater.

Well that escalated quickly…

I guess this is why you guys didn’t want me to help with the planning. 

how about a nice beach wedding instead? Compromise!

Oh this has certainly escalated (I saw a bff in the mess somewhere? Perfect.). A beach is a bit sandy but by the sea is very very appropriate!! 

(Yes, 10 years since cosplay but almost 12 for anime in general. But years of other fangirling before that… ohmygod I just realised how doomed we were from the start to end up on this website…)

sandorizu sent: okay no srsly, inuyasha header (!!!!!) , when are you booking the venue?





Lawl!! I’d like a Fall wedding!

Hey! Are you two planning the wedding without me?

Course not! *hides seating chart*

I knew you two meeting would be a bad idea. *sigh* Can I at least choose my own dress?

As long as I get to see it before you buy it I might be able to accept this situation. And I really don’t see what there is to sigh about here! ; ))

midnightinjapan sent: I feel like I want to get to know you really badly but I'm afraid I'll come off creepy and also I have no idea what to ask anyway.












Same. I guess there’s always the basics, like age and country. After that I tend to have no idea. So, hi. I’m 24, which I suspect is pretty darn old for this fandom, and I’m from Finland. Your turn. Then we can stare at each other awkwardly and have no idea what to say. :D

HA! I’m 26! I’m from America

You win, then. XD

Happy to meet someone else that’s approximately the same age. I was starting to feel a bit weird about writing fanfiction about boys almost ten years younger than me (Nico is what? Fifteen?). 

He is but I guess I’ve just learned not to factor age into it lol. Also he acts much older and that helps. It’s not how old you are its how young you feel!

Agreed. And technically he’s like eighty anyway.

So, (trying to think of what else to ask) do you speak Italian? Just wondering because of the Venice fic. I like when people can incorporate that aspect of Nico’s character, but my own Italian is pretty much on the “Hello, how are you, bye”-level so I haven’t dared.

I took Italian for half a semester before hitting the “eject” button lol I remember how to make words plural and how to ask what the date is. That is it lol. All credit to Google translate for getting me through those spots in What Happened in Venice?

Google Translate is your friend. Well, most of the time anyway. 

I seriously don’t know what else to ask. Wanna write a fanfic together sometime?

I would love too!! Omg! I need to finish this current one first so who knows when I’ll be ready lol

Don’t worry. I’ll wait until you’re ready. ;)

…that was a bit creepy, wasn’t it? Sorry. I’m working on a few fics myself at the moment, so not adding one more to the mix right now is probably a good thing.

I don’t mind creepin’ lol

Since I write off the top of my head I can’t even give an ETA lol it could be over quickly or not.

I do the same thing, which is why I tend to have ten unfinished projects in the works at the same time (including my master’s thesis ahum). 

Keep me updated. Looking forward to reading whatever it is you’re working on.

I ship it.

(i would say remember our babies too but i forget them even more than you and i can’t even fake jealous bff because i’m giggling)



haley’s anon got me thinking.

I wonder if the ageist teens on here realise that the “old people” they think are creepy for being fangirls are larger in number than they suspect. I mean, I’m 30, and I’m a raging fangirl in all the good ways and I love it. I have fangirl friends from 16 to 46 and in fangirling we are all on the same level. most, if not all, of us read fanfic. quite a few of my “older” fellow fans write it - and do it almost freakishly well.

in fact, that really good longfic you read that had not only great characterisation but also really lovely, believable sex scenes and a language that flowed really well? odds are that it wasn’t written by a 16-year-old. some great fics are, but I know for sure that in my top ten longfics of all time? maybe one or two was written by someone under 20. half were written by people over or close to 30.

some of the people you fangirl with on a daily basis have husbands, wives, children, jobs and all that other “grown up stuff” you imagine we should be spending our time on instead of flailing about the colour of jensen’s eyes or the perfect shape of jared’s booty. but if you are one of the teens who thinks that “old people” fangirling is gross and creepy, I pity you. because it means you equate getting older with losing enjoyment in the things you love.

I fangirl because it brings me good things. because it’s an escape. because I have a creative outlet. because there are people here who are like me. because it’s just great fun, really. if you think age is in any way relevant in that conversation, you are wrong.

"old" fangirls, out yourself! flaunt your age!


Despite being OLD (and yup, I’m OLD. 39, man! ancient) I do understand younger fans belief that they will ‘grow out of this silliness’. Fandom and fanfic and wasting time with your weird internet friends are called by society silly and immature ways of spending time and energy. It’s for the young who have no friends and nothing better to do. It’s for people with ‘too much’ free time, and no life at all (yet). Once you get ‘a life’ you’ll grow out of these things.

So to you lovely fans who are young (young enough to believe that ‘a life’ is what you are looking for) I have great news for you: Getting a life (a career, a spouse, children of your own, financial independence, a house and a mortgage – however it is you define ‘a life’)  does not mean you need to fundamentally change who you are. If you are someone who is passionate about seeing inspiring women in fiction and love to talk about it, why would that change when you are older? If you are someone who sees two characters with fantastic chemistry and continue to think of plots and situations about them long after the movie is over, why would your brain stop doing that because you have kids? If you are passionate about drawing or writing, and TV show characters are the easiest, most inspiring outlet for your talent, why would you stop because you have a career?

Your priorities change, your free time may lessen, your interests may drift to different fandoms, but YOU don’t need to change. YOU don’t need to ‘grow out of this’. Being a part of the fandom culture and all its insanity is who you are. Own it. Be proud of it. Get a life that accepts it, and find a balance with both.

You may change, you may no longer want to read fiction, or look at gifs of Chris Evans’ ass, or capslock your way through liveblogging a season finale – but let that be your choice. And not something that is determined by something as silly as your age.

Merry Christmas!!

We couldn’t keep our hands away, so here’s a small continuation to Nothing is whole as a christmas surprise! Enjoy! 

“Reminds you of the old days, doesn’t it?” he said, and Riku had to agree.

“The crowd is a bit different, though.” he answered. “I wonder if the others still come here.”

“I doubt it.” Kairi said from Riku’s other side. “The shack was so full of spider webs and dust I don’t think we’ll ever be able to clean it. It might be best to just burn it all.”

“I think I know someone who could help with that.” Riku laughed, catching Lea’s eye from behind the fire.

The final chapter is now up! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed it! (It also might be a good idea to keep your eyes open…)

Riku woke up with hair in his mouth. It wasn’t unheard of, really, but hadn’t he cut his hair? Surely it wasn’t long enough yet for it to… Riku’s mind went blank as he realised the hair was red.

Just one more to go!

“You worried about Sora?” Lea asked, getting up from the bed and apparently looking around for his clothes.
“Nah, he can take care of himself.” Riku said. Truthfully he hadn’t even considered that Sora might be in trouble. “He’s defeated Maleficent...what? Three or four times already, I think. Besides, Donald and Goofy are with him. But they will be worried about us if we take too long.”
“Oh.” Lea said happily, but whether it was because of Riku’s answer of because he finally found his coat was up for interpretation. “I just realised I forgot to ask, you did get the data back, right?”
“Of course.” Riku said, fishing the disk out of his pocket. “Pete did manage to slip away in the end, though, but I doubt he’ll cause trouble again any time soon. I did beat him up pretty well.”

Chapter 9 is up! Only two more to go!