You guys sent me a submission, so I figured I’d send you one as well!


Molly: I’ve added the click through link.

…I JUST got home from the movie and see this now and asdfjdkfhdkjfhd

Normal people: Oh no! We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!
Conspiracy theorists: ALIENS!!!!!
Australia: WTF, mate?
Doctor Who fandom: Oh, this is bad. This is extremely not very good.
Sherlock fandom: Not my division.
Merlin fandom: There's only one explanation- SORCERY!!!
Disney fandom: THE KINGDOM IS LOST!!!!
Star Trek fandom: nbd, we'll just reverse the polarity.
Star Wars fandom: I have a bad feeling about this.
The Hunger Games fandom: Let's all go hide underground.
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