Wow, John Watson is heterosexual


So fucking hetero.

I just wanna be a partykiller here and say that do you guys actually realise how extremely impractical running would be when handcuffed together but not moving as one? Just— there is a very practical reason behind that taking each others hands. And yes, I do find this moment extremely cute too.


Sherlock is new and old at the same time and that is a fantastic thing. In the 19th century when it was written, men gravitated toward their own kind more, in books around this time the ‘bromance” was more common. I think it was exceptional that Moffat and co. managed to transplant this bromance…

^Everything this person said. So much.

I have become quite fond of the Finnish ESC song.
So I just read Alone on the Water and then watched the video and the amount of tears cannot be described.

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hnnnng. ; uuu ;

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