I learned my lesson while I was away Dean.”

#Ugh #Do you see how fucking DEAD his eyes are? #This is why it just kills me when people say they can’t/won’t forgive Cas for letting Sam out of the panic room #Castiel had just been tortured and brainwashed by Heaven #Anna is clearly scared for Cas when they tell her #Balthazar displays free will when that’s still unheard of to try to stop it from happening to Cas #This is clearly not a minor scolding he went through #And why did it happen in the first place? #Oh yes- because Cas disobeyed orders to help Dean save Sam #And he comes back this deadened empty shell so yes- he makes a TERRIBLE mistake #But it’s exactly that- a mistake- not a decision made out of malice #And then Castiel manages to overcome not just BILLIONS of years of ingrained blind obedience #but legitimate brainwashing that’s what- less than a week old by the time of 4.22? #to make the right choice and he dies helping Dean get to Sam #How does that not make up for it? I really don’t understand- not that I want to understand that POV or ever will 

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have you accepted misha collins as your lord and savior

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#when you realised he might love you #when you realised you might love him #so much of your story speaks of bad timing #but maybe#just maybe #the next revelation #will be made together #and not with unmet gazes #but with the unmistakable declaration #of skin on skin #otp: the greatest love story ever told


Jack Harkness, Irene Adler, Dean Winchester, and Tony Stark walk into a bar

the ending of this joke has been censored by the Universe itself

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#this is the one picture to really sum him up


To reach out to you when I’m in need, and to try to be here for you when you need me back. And to feel such tenderness when I look at you that I want to stand between you and all the world: and yet also to lift you up and carry you above the strong currents of life; and at the same time, I would be glad to stand always like this, at a distance, watching you, the beauty of you.

— Orson Scott Card

November 15 (135350)
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This is Jensen Ackles, playing Dean Winchester, playing Jensen Ackles, playing Dean Winchester. 

Captain Jack Harkness wouldn’t sleep with Mitt Romney pass it on

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why the fuck would you do this to me holy shit



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