Just fyi Dmitry Medvedev is giving Finland’s last president Tarja Halonen a cat this Thursday.

Winter War Hetalia photoshoot with me as Sniper!Finland and Betsi as Russia. Pictures were taken by Nenne in January 2011.

Revolutionary photoshoot with Betsi October 2010. Pictures are taken by Nenne. This was and is by no means meant to offend anyone.

Finnish War (1808-09) photo shoot at Sveaborg Fortress July 2010 with me as Finland, Betsi as Russia and Mikki behind the camera. The uniforms are based on the actual uniforms used during the war.

Midsummer Hetalia shoot 2010 with me as Finland and Betsi as Russia.

Decided to go through old photoshoots and post the best bits as photosets, since that brilliant feature wasn’t avaible back then. This was in April 2010 and it’s me as Finland, Sofia as Sweden and Betsi as Russia with Nenne behind the camera.

:             D


MEGAN GOT IN FUCK YEAH <3 she wanted to get in for so long!! *A*


Winter War

Dear Denmark,

This is sort of difficult for me to explain but Lithuania has frozen to death. I realized this when you were learning to fly with Austria. I’m sure you’re frostbitten enough to understand that Russia is allergic to your earlobes.

Go milk a cow

P.S. - Poland will never love you, just thought you should know.


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